Dr John Masgoret MD, FCFP           Dr Rui Martins MD, FCFP
Dr Shari Chung MD, CCFP             Dr Marina Fomina Nazarova MD , MBA    
Our staff:  Maria Carvalho, Jenny Ramos, Suzie Whang, Nancy Reis

About Us

Where are we?

565 College St Suite 203

Toronto, ON

M6G 1B2

How to get a hold of us?

Phone: (416) 538-6653

Fax:      (416) 538-9766

After Hours Phone Advice:


For After Hours Care

Call:  (416) 487-8096

Email: theoffice@midtownmedical.ca

*To allow us to communicate with you via email please click here:

**email consent form**

Read, print, sign, and mail the form to the office and then we can begin using email to communicate in the future.

WE are part of a Family Health Organization. Which means that our patients can access telephone Health Advise by one of our Nurses. Phone number above.

To find out which physician in the area is open for after hours care (Registered Patients only) call above phone number.

In Sept 2012 we joined an exiting new project called SCOPE. It is designed to help provide more integrated and seamless care to patients with high medical needs.


Thank you for visiting our website. This page is solely intended for our registered patients. It is an attempt to improve communication between our office and our patients.

Our medical office provides continuing, comprehensive care for patients and families. Our scope of practice includes from children to adults of all ages. In addition to providing care when you are ill, we also endeavor to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and work together to prevent illness.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality, comprehensive, patient-centred care for you and your family.

We are now a part of a Family Health Organization, and have associated with a number of colleagues in our neighborhood. This in order to be able to provide after hours care and telephone support evenings and weekends for our registered patients.

We continue to adjust our Schedules and attempt to provide care for urgent problems. Please call the office when you need acute medical care, and we will try to be available as best we can.

(For Emergency care- dial 911 and proceed to the nearest Hospital),


      Website is a work in progress.



February 2018- Dr Marina Fomina Nazavova has recently joined our group. She is accepting new patients.

Call the office if you are interested.

Feb 2018- Dr Chung Joined us October 2016. She is currently expanding her office hours.


Have you had your routine exams done recently?

Generally recommended (among others) are:

PAP tests for all women over 21

Mammograms for women over age 50

Colon Cancer screening over age 50

Diabetes and Cholesterol screening all adults.

If not, come in for your physical.


Diet and Lifestyle:

What is the Single best thing you can do you your health? Must see this video.


Link to the Canada Food and Physical Activity Guide:


Tips on Healthy Eating and access to a Dietician:


Travel and Vaccines

Travel Health:


New Vaccines, as of August 2011:


Childhood Vaccines:



General Medical

Toronto Public Health:


Information for Parents:

Canadian Pediatric Society:



The Community Navigation and Access Program (CNAP)